White lumps in the feces of a baby

A newborn can not say about his feelings and preferences. He can only scream. And a young, and also inexperienced, mother can not always recognize the cause of crying by intonation. That is why she begins to study the contents of the diaper and, based on what she saw, draw some conclusions. First you need to find out which stool is considered normal and what does the white lumps in the feces of the baby mean?

Features of feces baby

The first few days, the baby’s stool is called meconium. It looks dark green, almost black in color and, as a rule, has no smell. So, amniotic fluid accumulated during intrauterine stay, dead cells of the intestine and so on are removed. 

The baby’s stool is normalized already with the arrival of full breast milk, and not colostrum, which, with a small amount, is almost completely absorbed by the body. At the same time, the chair has a yellow color and a homogeneous, paste-like consistency, and smells like sour milk.

Common changes in normal stool of the baby

Any mother should be alerted by the greens present in the feces of the baby. It can mean malnutrition and inflammation in the intestines. Watery stools with a pungent odor – may indicate lactose deficiency with frequent diaper rash.

White lumps in the feces of the baby can indicate overeating. If a child develops within normal limits, that is, it gains mass and increases in growth according to medical indicators, then white lumps mean excessive intake of nutrients in the body.

Often, white lumps are found in those babies who are offered breasts not only for feeding, but also for sedation.

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