What kind of water to give babies

As you know, water for newborns is the main vital component. And the matter is not only in quenching the thirst of the baby, but also in normalizing the work of the child’s body as a whole. Earlier, the question of whether to give water to infants, the answer of experts was in the affirmative. Today, the opinions of doctors differ.

Cases in which you can give water to infants:

– Most babies in the first days of life have physiological jaundice. This is due to the immaturity of the liver. And when drinking a moderate amount of water, getting rid of the disease is easier;

– if the baby suffers from constipation, his body needs water;

– With loose stool, drinking water is also necessary. But in this case, the control over the amount of fluid used by the baby should be carried out by a doctor;

– during the heating season, as well as during the heat, the mucous membrane of the mouth and nose dries out in the babies and it is necessary to give it water in small quantities to restore the body’s water balance.

Next, you need to understand how much water you need to give the baby. The answer depends on whether the mother is breastfeeding or using artificial mixtures. If the child eats exclusively mother’s milk, then the use of water should be minimized. If the child’s diet contains mixtures, then the baby needs additional drinking. How much water needs to be given to a baby can only be determined by a mother; strict rules do not exist here. The volume of drink also depends on the amount of mixtures used during the day.

What kind of water should infants give?

Best of all, of course, is a dining room for children’s purified water without gas, which is purchased at the pharmacy. Such water can not be boiled and used to make dried fruit tea. On such water, it is also best to cook your baby food.

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