What if the baby has a runny nose?

In medical terms, a runny nose is considered an inflammatory process that affects the nasal mucosa due to a cold or infection. Poor cold tolerance occurs in newborns due to a number of reasons. The first is not the ability to blow oneself up, so there is an accumulation of mucus.

Also, do not forget that the nasal passage in the baby is very narrow, so swelling can occur and breathing is disturbed. If the baby is breastfed, it becomes difficult to suckle because of clogging of the nasal mucosa, therefore there is a violation of breathing and the baby may refuse food. The normal outflow of mucus is disrupted, leading to a complication of the ears and throat. The occurrence of fever, lethargy, intoxication is possible with the development of infection.

Treating the common cold in the baby

Of course, do not self-medicate, but consult a doctor who will prescribe medications. Non-medications will help ease breathing initially. To facilitate the child’s sleep, it is necessary to raise the head of the head, while mucus is released. Preventive methods of treatment are airing the room, wet cleaning, humidifying the air in the room.

You need to drink the baby little by little, feed at the norm of appetite. If the nasal passages are heavily clogged with mucus, then for this you need to clean them with cotton wicks. A drop is instilled into the nasal cavity during the day, three drops every six hours. With swelling of the nasal cavity, it is necessary to use vasoconstrictors or drops where the drug content is minimum. If bacterial inflammation of the nose has occurred, then bacterial agents can be used.

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