What actions should be taken for baby festering eye (conjunctivitis)

If it is clear that the baby’s eye is festering, you must immediately show it to the doctor in order to find out the cause and treatment methods in a timely manner. In frequent cases, conjunctivitis is eliminated by washing the eyes of a newborn with infusions of chamomile, potassium permanganate. The doctor can also prescribe drops to calm the mucous membranes of the eye. If conjunctivitis is already progressing for a certain time, then an antibacterial ointment is prescribed. Also, if only one eye is festering, then you need to treat two anyway, because it can quickly switch to the other eye.

What actions should be taken when dacryocystitis is observed in the baby.

With this purulent disease, the doctor will write you a treatment at home:

1) It will be necessary to massage the lacrimal canal, the doctor will most likely teach mom how to do it.
2) The doctor will prescribe a special anti-infective for rinsing the eye, and will prescribe how many times, and at what time to rinse the eye.
3) In the event that this treatment does not bring results, it will be necessary to take the baby to the hospital, and there they will rinse the lacrimal canal.

In most cases, when the baby’s eye is festering and dacryocystitis progresses, with the correct, phased treatment of the baby at home, the disease is cured in two weeks. If you do not follow the rules and the regimen prescribed by the doctor, it will be necessary to take the baby to the hospital. There, an ophthalmologist will clean the eye canal and then make disinfection with an antibiotic. These procedures are painless and do not take a long time. During the procedures, the child will not have time and will not be able to feel.

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