Treatment of thrush in infants

Along with the joy of the appearance of a long-awaited child in the family, feelings of anxiety and concern for his health arise. And the smaller the child, the greater this anxiety, because the crumb cannot yet say that he is worried and where it hurts, and the likelihood that the mother will not notice the signs of the impending disease in time is greater.

Therefore, it remains only to rely on the external manifestations of the disease. Such a manifestation may be a white coating on the tongue. Of course, the mother should not panic if the white coating on the baby’s tongue appears immediately after feeding, these are just the remains of milk. But the situation is completely different if, over time, the white tongue of the baby remains the same white, and when you try to remove the plaque, an inflamed mucous membrane is found under it. Such a plaque is a clear sign that the baby has candidiasis, called thrush in everyday life.

Signs of thrush in an infant:

1. It’s painful for the baby to suck, so he refuses to breast;

2. the baby is overly restless and moody;

3. the baby has inflamed mucous membranes in the mouth – palate, gums, inner surface of the cheeks.

The causes of the appearance of thrush on the tongue of the baby. As a rule, the baby is infected by the mother with a thrush. This happens at the time of birth, and it doesn’t matter how the baby was born: using a caesarean section or naturally. Thrush can provoke overheating of the baby, dry air in the room or a small number of walks.

All this can contribute to the drying of the mucous membrane of the nose and mouth in the child and the loss of their protective functions. Parents whose baby is already suffering from thrush should be wary, because this is the first sign that the immunity of the crumbs is reduced. The treatment of thrush must be approached with the utmost care, it must not be allowed that it goes into a chronic form. With poor treatment, the infection can spread to the internal organs and enter the bloodstream.

Thrush in infants: how to treat?

Typically, a 2% baking soda solution is used to treat thrush. A gauze or bandage is wound on a finger, dipped in a warm soda solution and the white coating is carefully removed from the surface of the tongue, cheeks and gums. If you start treatment for thrush at the initial stage, then for several such procedures it can be cured. In more advanced cases, antifungal ointments are used. And to achieve and consolidate the persistent effect, complex treatment of the child and mother is necessary.

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