Treatment of cough in infants

Coughing is a protective function in infants.

Any infectious and non-infectious factor entering the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract can cause inflammation. By increasing the amount of sputum, breathing is difficult. Because of this, a cough begins in an infant of 6 months, which plays the role of cleansing the respiratory tract from the fact that it accumulates in them.

Inflammation of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract proceeds with reduced function of the bronchi, and then the lungs. A sick body lacks oxygen, this leads to a disruption in metabolic processes. With signs of cough in children under 1 year of age, as well as at a child’s temperature of 38 degrees, or shortness of breath, you should call a doctor.

How to treat cough in infants?

Treatment of cough in infants should not be missed at its first signs. The regimen should be gentle, do not restrict the movement of a small patient. Because they cleanse the mucus from the bronchi. The baby must be carried on her hands and patted slightly on the back.

Massage will also be helpful. Before treating a cough in a baby with drugs that improve expectoration, it is necessary to prepare the room. Humidified air makes breathing easier. Therefore, it is recommended to put a damp towel on the battery, but the best tool is an air humidifier.

How to treat cough in infants?

When coughing in infants, decoctions of coltsfoot, as well as black radish juice with honey and anise fruit extract, are recommended. The active substances of these herbal remedies thin the mucus, enhance the functioning of the bronchi and contribute to a better expectoration of sputum. But herbal preparations are not so harmless for babies. If you increase the dose of herbal preparations, this can increase sputum, and babies cannot cough up it on their own, and this leads to a violation of such a function of the bronchi as drainage.

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