Treatment of allergies and allergic dermatitis in infants

The best food for infants, of course, is breast milk. It contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins, and also provides calories to the baby, which allows him to grow energetically and quickly. Not infrequently, a rash appears in babies. The appearance of redness and peeling on the forehead and cheeks may indicate an allergic reaction.

Most often, an allergy in a baby appears on mom’s food.

Therefore, a nursing woman should abandon the use of such products as:

• chocolate;
• citrus fruits;
• Exotic fruits;
• nuts;
• honey;
• coffee.

These are the main products that provoke allergic dermatitis in infants. But also non-food products can serve as the causes of an allergic reaction.

What can provoke an allergy in a baby?

The main allergens of non-food origin:

• pollen of plants;
• powders and other household chemicals;
• ordinary dust.

Before deciding how to treat an allergy in an infant, it is necessary to find out the cause of the reaction. To do this, mom should keep a food diary and write in all the new foods that she ate for the day. If the baby is 6 months old and the mother is actively introducing complementary foods, then all the foods that the baby eats for the first time should be recorded in a diary.
In no case should you give new products in large portions.

This is especially true of fresh fruits and vegetables. Indeed, at the beginning of the summer, intensive care units are overwhelmed by infants, whom mothers fed strawberries, raspberries or currants. To begin with, it is enough to give the baby one berry or a small piece of fruit. If after three days there is no rash or redness, the product can be safely entered into the baby’s diet.

If nevertheless the baby has allergic dermatitis, what should I do?

First of all, you need to exclude the allergen from the diet of crumbs. Since an allergic rash usually itches, it is necessary to treat the affected areas with special antiseptic or anti-inflammatory ointments. Only after consultation with the pediatrician can the calf be given antihistamines. It is best to give preference to medicines in the form of syrups, because they have a pleasant taste, and the baby will not spit them.

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