Treatment and prevention of sweating in infants

Sweating is a fairly common occurrence in infants. This disease manifests itself as a bright pink rash. Most often, it arises from improper care for the delicate skin of a newborn. At first, the rash does not cause the baby any discomfort, however, if left untreated, over time, an intolerable itch appears.

Causes of sweating in infants:

– overheating
very often parents try to dress the baby warmer, but not everyone knows that the heat transfer in children is stronger than in adults, so excessive wrapping can lead to overheating, and therefore to the appearance of a rash!
– incorrect or untimely hygiene procedures
– high air temperature
– a disease accompanied by an increase in body temperature.

Treatment and prevention of sweating in infants:

The disease does not require specific treatment. However, inaction is also not necessary! So, places affected by a rash should not be oiled; this will only aggravate the situation.

It is best to use a special baby powder, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. A good result is given by bathing the baby in a decoction of chamomile and a string. Maintaining a stable temperature in the nursery, and this is 22 degrees, also plays an important role! The main thing is to ensure that the area of ​​the skin on which the sweating occurred does not overheat, so, as often as possible, arrange the baby air baths.

In prevention, breastfeeding plays an important role. Scientists have found that babies who feed on mother’s milk are much less likely to suffer from pruritus due to their higher immunity. Well, of course, you should only put on your child clothing made of natural material! Indeed, any synthetics plus slight overheating can lead to the appearance of prickly heat.

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