top10 reasons why you should babysit

The habit of working already while studying, to have some extra money available without asking mom and dad, is spreading more and more in Italy, as is already the case in other countries. Babysitting can be the right part-time job for late high school or college students. Do you have any doubts? Find out with us why babysitting is the best student job there is!

At some point, at eighteen or twenty, you want to become, at least a little, independent while continuing to study (and well). Finding a part-time job for students may not be easy, especially in Italy where the job market is a bit difficult at the moment. Babysitting can therefore be an excellent solution, especially if you are wondering how to find a summer job for students . The same can be said for the somewhat specialized version of babysitting: homework help . Provided of course that the children genuinely like you. (This point is important: babysitting is a great job but you have to want to do it. If you feel like testing your level of motivation and attitudes, don’t be afraid to ask yourself: I like working with children because…. ).

What is certain is that, if you are suitable, babysitting can really be the right way to study and work at the same time. And also a great second job to supplement the salary . Do you want to know why?

1 Baby sitting is flexible

Compared to the study, baby sitting has a very low impact on time management. The times you are called in the morning to keep company with a child in bed with a fever will certainly be fewer than afternoons. So, you almost never risk having to skip courses at the University. And if you work in the afternoon, you can study in the morning.

2 Times are always OK

With baby sitting, no shift until two in the morning, no early risings at five. All in all, being a babysitter is much less tiring than being a waitress in a club or a hostess in a congress. Most of the time you will be working in the afternoon; even if they call you in the evening it will be a matter of putting the children to bed and supervising their sleep from time  to time. You can study or watch a movie. Do you want to stand up and serve beers until dawn

3 The pay is not bad

See how much a babysitter gets . And compare it with what you get by delivering pizzas on a moped or other typical part-time chores for students. You will see that, also considering the pleasure of work, baby sitting wins hands down over many, many other solutions for working and studying.

4 You are paid (also) to do fun things

The babysitter’s life is not made up of whims and tears alone. On the contrary: in front of you there are afternoons in the park, volleyball games, necklaces of dry pasta to put on and Lego to assemble. 3D cinema, cartoons, disguises, board games and nursery rhymes . The license to become a child again, and paid.

5 Make curriculum

Babysitting has the advantage of being a student job that teaches you a lot of useful things to do any other job. Those who look at your resume in five years will see “babysitter” written but will read: responsibility, reliability, ability to work under stress, excellent communication skills, empathy. The fact that you have looked for how to study and work in order to have some financial independence as soon as possible will also be greatly appreciated. 

6 And it networks

A family that gets help from a babysitter is usually a family where both parents work. Maybe they have positions of responsibility, maybe they have friends in similar positions. When, after completing your studies, you look for an internship or a first job, these are all contacts that will come in handy. Baby sitting is a great job for university students for this too: seeing is believing.

7 If you are good, you never run out of work

Parents, especially those of children still of school age, are a huge interconnected community. Consider that the child you are going to take care of will have at least twenty school friends. Add your pool mates, neighbors, catechism friends. Whose parents will see you every day doing your babysitting job (well). If someday they need it, who do you think they will ask first?

8 It is a school of life

Having a child. Manage a family. Reconciling family and work . Manage all the relationships that having a child and a family entails. Babysitting is like taking a paid training course to learn a whole host of things that you would otherwise only learn by doing, but on your own skin. Not to mention what a gym it is for training communication, and stress management. But since in no school you only learn difficult things, but also things that are pleasant, consider baby sitting a window open to that wonderful world that is childhood. From which you can return to learn, even if you haven’t been out of it for long.

9 It’s better for your health than any other student job

They pay you to do a job where you are not in the cold, you are not always on the street on a moped or bicycle, you are not constantly on your feet, you are not in noisy and stressful environments, you cannot drink and you cannot smoke. Plus, people usually go to bed early. For health, a holy hand. For the study – so you have to be physically fit too – as well.

10 If all goes well, we can even have a holiday

Know that many families are looking for a babysitter to accompany them for a weekend  away, or a week at the beach. Sure, you’ll get paid to work, so you won’t be able to spend time wearing sunscreen on the water’s edge. But in any case, staying for a while in a nice place, perhaps cooler than the red-hot city, will still have its why.