The baby redness on Cheeks

A slight blush on the baby’s face is considered a sign of good health. However, you should distinguish between a healthy glow and pronounced redness on the cheeks. If the baby has red cheeks, the first thing to do is to analyze what caused this change.

Causes of redness on the cheeks of the baby

The most common and harmless reason can be a walk in the winter. If such redness has passed after some time, then the next time you need to use a special baby cream for weathering and frost. Also, a similar cause can be overheating of the body when the child is very warmly dressed. In this case, change the baby and give a little drink of water.

Unlike the aforementioned reasons, very red cheeks in a baby can manifest as children’s diathesis. This allergic reaction is accompanied by a slight peeling, a rash. A factor in the appearance of diathesis can be improper nutrition or contact with the skin of an allergen. In the first case, a nursing mother should identify and exclude foods that cause allergies. For example, vegetables and fruits of red color, citrus fruits, milk, eggs, nuts, honey, chocolate.
Otherwise, you should pay attention to the laundry detergent, baby cosmetics (shampoo, soap) and other allergens that the baby comes into contact with.

As a result, if the baby has red cheeks, get ready to look for the cause by the exclusion method. In case of diathesis, it is recommended to consult a pediatrician. As a disease, diathesis does not exist, but in fact it means a condition that develops against the background of an allergy. Therefore, the main thing is to remove the allergen and prescribe antiallergic drugs.

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