The baby often sneezes

Sneezing newborn

Moderate sneezing of the baby is considered a normal physiological process, but if the baby often sneezes, then it begins to seem to mom that this is not entirely normal.

Why does babies sneeze often?

In fact, there are a lot of reasons for sneezing, the main one of which can be very dry air in the room where the baby is most often. In order to humidify the air, you should purchase a humidifier for air. If the baby often sneezes after eating or after sleep, then it thereby cleanses the nasal passages of all kinds of dust or various nasal crusts, which can be removed using a special twisted bandage that is moistened with the necessary baby oil. It often happens that the baby sneezes while walking on the street. This is due to living in densely populated areas or walking along the road, where the atmosphere is very polluted. This is not safe for the baby and can provoke an allergy in him in the future.

What to do if the baby is sneezing?

The most important rule – it is necessary to minimize the number of factors that provoke drying of the nasal mucus in a newborn baby. In case the baby sneezes often, the room should be ventilated daily, since fresh air is very important for the baby, as it enhances immunity and delivers the necessary amount of oxygen. Wet cleaning of the room in which the baby is located should be carried out by the mother every day without fail, since the dust strongly irritates the nasal mucosa in the newborn baby.

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