The baby has mucus in stool

Why does mucus appear in the feces of the baby?

If the discharge is quite rare and slightly, then worrying about this is simply not necessary. But if the situation looks different, namely, each emptying of the baby occurs with the release of a significant amount of mucus, while a rather sharp smell appears and drops of blood are visible, it’s time to run to the hospital. In addition, if the baby not only has stool with mucus, but also has diarrhea, the baby often spits up and gains weight poorly, which indicates that the baby has big health problems.

Liquid stool and mucous secretions in some cases can be a response to the fact that the baby began to be given complementary foods. Then parents should conduct a small experiment: reduce the serving size of the new dish and see how the baby’s body responds. But at the same time, it is simply necessary to pass tests for the state of intestinal autoflora. Doctors also often associate the appearance of mucous secretions with lactose deficiency. But sometimes in infants in the first days of their life, mucous discharge during emptying can appear due to dysbiosis. In this case, treatment is not prescribed, since everything subsequently normalizes itself.

Maybe it’s mom?

If the baby is breastfed, then the mother must definitely check the sterility of her milk, which is done through appropriate tests in the laboratory. In addition, a nursing mother should evaluate her diet, because it is possible that the mucous discharge in a child is an allergic reaction to any foods used by her mother.
But do not forget that if the baby has stool with mucus, it is imperative to consult a doctor in order to take all the necessary tests from the baby to identify the true cause of this ailment.

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