The baby has bruises under her eyes

Such a phenomenon as bruising under the eyes of an infant can occur for several reasons. And in order to eliminate this problem and prevent its occurrence, it is worthwhile to understand directly its possible causes.

Causes of bruising under the eyes of the baby

So, the first thing to emphasize is that such symptoms are often not so terrible. After all, various kinds of swelling or bruising under the eyes of a child can occur as the personal predisposition of his subcutaneous tissue to this. So, if one of the parents has such a phenomenon, then it can be inherited by the baby.

If your child, in addition to the bruises under the eyes, has no more deviations, and he behaves well and cheerfully, then you do not need to worry. It will be impossible to completely get rid of such bruises.

Another reason why bruises under the eyes appear in the baby can be called the fact that he recently suffered a serious illness or is a result of vitamin deficiency. This means that the baby’s body is weakened, and it requires more vitamins and minerals in its diet. And also cost to increase the number of walks in the fresh air. Thus, most often bruises easily go away, and there is no need to worry.

What to do if the bruises in the baby do not go away

Unfortunately, it also happens that when a baby appears bruised, his well-being also worsens. Then this phenomenon may indicate that the baby is eating some serious disease. In such a situation, you need to go to the pediatrician and pass all the necessary tests. When you will be prescribed treatment, you must insist that you use as few antibiotics as possible. It is also worth considering that after treatment the child needs the most thoughtful recovery period. And it is important to control so that the bruises under the eyes of the baby do not appear again. If this problem returned after treatment, then something was missed.

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