Sterilizing baby bottles in Hotel Room:

When you are travelling with a baby, one of the key concerns maintaining hygiene for the baby. Here are a few tips of how you can sterilize the bottles in hotel room.

When you are travelling and your hotel room has a kitchenette, sterilizing bottles becomes easy. You can either sterilize the bottles by boiling or by using microwave sterilizing bags.

Using microwave sterilizing bags:

Clean the bottle, lid and nipple using clean tap water. Use a bottle brush to remove the milk or formula remnants from the bottle. Make sure you clean your hands before cleaning the bottle. If you are not sure if the tap water is good, you may use bottled drinking water for cleaning the bottles.

Put these cleaned bottle, nipple and cap in microwave sterilizing bag. Put the sterilizing bag in microwave. Carefully follow the instructions. Usually you can use one microwave sterilizing bag 10 times.

  • Tip: As the hotel kitchen if you may use their microwave for cleaning the bottles. In most of the cases, they will cooperate.

Sterilizing bottles using electric Kettle:

If your hotel room does not have a kitchenette, check with the hotel if they have electric kettle. If not, carry it with you. Also carry a vessel with will be able to accommodate bottles for sterilization.

Before sterilizing, clean the bottle, cap and nipple. Put them is a vessel. Boil the water in electric kettle. Pour the boiling water over the bottle, cap and nipple in the vessel. Make sure that bottle and its parts are completely under the hot water. Let it rest for 5 minutes.

Using Off the shelf baby bottle Sterilizers:

Off the shelf electric baby bottle sterilizers are a good option when travelling. Clean the bottles and put them in the electric sterilizers. There are also UV sterilizers which will effectively sanitize the bottles.

Use Bottle Liners:

Bottles liners are a way you could make sure that the hygiene is maintained while travelling. Even though you change the bottle liner, you will need to clean the nipple, cap and bottle. Also, using bottle liners is a costly affair.

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