Saline for washing the nose of infants

The babies snort so funny with small noses, snort and sneeze, but sometimes they cause anxious mothers not only emotion, but also alarm. Most often it is unreasonable, but if the baby really caught a cold, then the snot and swollen mucous membranes will interfere with the crumbs to eat. In case of illness, doctors often recommend saline solution for rinsing the nose to infants; healthy babies do not need it at all.

What is saline solution for infants?

Saline in general is close in composition to the fluids of our body. The simplified formula of saline solution used by some mothers is not quite suitable for tiny noses. At home in the kitchen, it is almost impossible to make saline in a quick way to rinse the nose of infants. It is unlikely that we will manage to achieve the desired salt concentration and avoid sediment. Yes, and why be wise, if in pharmacies have ready-made baby drops for washing. Manufacturers are reinsured several times, releasing drops with a reduced salt concentration especially for babies and in small bottles. They will be enough for just one episode of the common cold, and an empty vial with viruses and microbes perched on the tip can be thrown without regret.

How to rinse a baby’s nose with saline?

When it comes to babies, the word “rinse” is not used in its full meaning. It is dangerous to pour the solution in the nose of the solution with syringes without a needle, syringes and handfuls! More than one otitis was earned by excessive care for a clean nose. One – two drops three times a day or a little more often, if allowed in the instructions, it is enough. Such a mini-wash for small nozzles. Even the best saline solution for rinsing the nose is very rare for infants; many doctors are against the prophylactic rinsing and cleaning of healthy spouts with cotton wool.

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