Remedy for colic for newborns

As a rule, during the first three months of life, 70% of newborns have intestinal colic. The reason for their occurrence lies in the adaptation of the baby’s gastrointestinal tract to new food. In other words, enzymes that help digest food are not active enough, as a result, bloating and regurgitation appear. Therefore, they often use a remedy for colic for newborns to alleviate the condition of the baby.

The very first step in solving this problem will be to create a relaxed atmosphere in the family. Scientists have proven that children feel all the emotions of their parents and perceive them very quickly, which also negatively affects their condition as a whole.

The most common colic drugs for babies

1. The simplest remedy and rule against colic for newborns, after feeding, hold the baby for five to ten minutes vertically.
2. Warming, the so-called skin-to-skin contact, when a newborn is applied to the skin of one of the parents.
3. The next method is excellent colic prophylaxis. It should be done from three to four weeks of life – laying out the crumbs on the tummy.
4. Gymnastics and massage – it is necessary not only for the development of the child, but also will help reduce spasms, improve food promotion.
5. Medicinal herbs, decoctions are the most common remedies for colic in infants (fennel, dill).
6. Medications include: simethicone-based drugs, colic teas, herbal tinctures in oil or water.

Of course, the best cure for colic for newborns has not yet been invented, the only thing to remember is that it is all temporary, calm and endurance for this period is most important for you.

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