Rashes on the face of the baby

Young mothers who have just had little babies can face a lot of problems that, at first glance, seem very serious, but they can be quite natural. You just need to learn to distinguish between situations that really pose a threat and those that appeared after some kind of irritant. The first thing you need to be able to distinguish is from what rashes appear on the face of the baby. Because a baby has a rash, this is a common occurrence and the causes can be very different.

Causes of rash on the face of the baby

The first reason is a food allergy, first of all, to what mommy eats. It’s just that the mother’s diet needs to be significantly reduced, to eat everything not greasy, not red, not spicy, not salty, not to use different types of cabbage. Each of these ingredients has a detrimental effect on the body of crumbs.

The second reason is a drug rash. If suddenly your child is sick, then by all means try to give him as little medicine as possible, and try to fight with alternative methods. Because, as they say, one heals, and the other, on the contrary, cripples.

The third reason is contact dermatitis. This is a baby’s tender skin reaction to synthetic products such as powder, soap, shampoo.

The fourth reason is urticaria. If the little man has been in the sun, wind or cold for a long time, then a small rash may appear on the face. Usually it goes away by itself, but if these symptoms have dragged on you should consult an experienced specialist.

But such types of rashes on the face of a baby like atopic dermatitis, neonatal acne and an infectious rash are more serious and as soon as the child gets worse and worse, do not hesitate for a minute, but consult a doctor. A pair of them simply cannot be distinguished by a professional, and even more so by inexperienced young parents.

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