All pregnant women suffer some pain in their muscles due to the state that their body suffers, it is a new state that your body is experiencing, with new sensations and among them, pains. This is usually due to the positions they have to adopt throughout the nine months in which the baby’s weight is increasing and developing.

During the gestation period the baby changes in size and weight. The pregnant woman begins to notice muscle aches after approximately 14 weeks. Among all these pains some are distinguished as:

  • ovarian pain, which appears after some effort or spending a day hiking or long standing. This pain appears in the round ligament
  • Pubic pain appears as its own Indian name, in the pubic area. This area relaxes through hormones when some heavy work has been done, the abdominal area has been forced for some reason or has been in the same position for too long. It is a pain that the body gets used to by the time of delivery, always appearing below the navel
  • Low back pain This pain is very common in pregnant women. Its location is above the buttocks, in the lower back towards the central area. The baby’s weight gain by the third month results in this pain. If it is very intense it is recommended to rest
  • Sacroileitis pain It is very similar to the previous one, it appears in the same place, but extends sideways. This is due to the constant change in the spine that the pregnant woman adapts to. The woman has the spine longer than the man, exactly one more vertebra, a sample of the wonderful adaptation of nature so that the female body can engender a new life.


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