Smoking During Pregnancy

Even if we talk about smoking in general, anyone can tell that it is not good for health. If we talk about smoking during pregnancy then it poses several health risks not only for the smoking women but her unborn child too. If you are pregnant and think that smoking is not going to affect your baby in a negative manner then you are very wrong. Here, we are going to mention various problems which may be caused to the babies whose mothers smoke during pregnancy.

Studies suggest that babies in the womb of those women who smoke during pregnancy get lesser oxygen and food than babies in the womb of those women who do not smoke. The reason behind this lies in the deprivation of oxygen and nutrients in the placenta and the baby in womb. As placenta gets lesser oxygen and nutrients than required by it, it expands itself for getting more surface area of uterus. As it spreads, it gets thinner and as a result of this placental abruption and placenta previa may occur. Along with this, when the baby is deprived of nutrients and oxygen, he/she may be underweight at the time of birth. Because of this, the functioning of baby’s lungs may also get affected.

There is a long list of pregnancy complications which may occur in those women who smoke during pregnancy. The risk of ectopic pregnancy is high in those women who smoke during their pregnancy. Miscarriages or still birth may also be caused by smoking. Preterm birth of babies is also related with smoking during pregnancy. Such babies who take birth before time may suffer from serious breathing problems. Babies whose mothers smoke during their pregnancy may suffer from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome as well. The risk of genetic defects is high in those babies whose mothers smoke a lot during their pregnancy. Even second hand smoke is injurious for the health of babies in the womb. Apart from these complications, heavy vaginal bleeding may also be caused due to smoking during pregnancy. Therefore, for the sake of you and your baby’s health, you need to quit smoking.