Position of Baby in the Womb

Gestation is the period when the baby is growing in the womb of the mother for nine months; most would simply refer to it as pregnancy. In the later part of the pregnancy period, the baby gains the ability to move around inside the womb of the mother. With this constant movement, it determines the position of the baby during delivery. Vertex position is the ideal position that a baby should have during delivery. With a vertex position, the baby is facing downwards. Most of the time the baby positions himself in a vertex manner only during the period of delivery. In some cases, the baby may not be in the ideal position which may lead to complications during delivery period. The position of the baby can be determined according to the mother’s pelvis.

Positions of the baby in the womb

Longitudinal baby

A longitudinal position is when the baby is located straight up and down from the mother’s pelvis. Vertex and breach position are in this category. The baby may be facing up or down in this manner. This position can be easily determined by the mother when equipped with the proper knowledge taught by a health care provider.

Oblique baby

This position is when the baby is in an oblique angle in the mother’s womb. The baby is in an angle inside the uterus. The head of the baby is tilted on one side of the mother’s pelvis and the shoulder of the baby is gearing towards the birth canal. Most of the times, babies that are in an oblique position can change their position only on the time of delivery.

A transverse baby

In this position, the baby is resting from side to side inside the mother’s womb. The baby is basically in a horizontal position inside the womb. Transverse babies are not delivered naturally; they are usually delivered in a caesarian section. There are things that you can do so you can deliver the baby naturally when time comes. You can ask your doctor for some advice.

Equipped with knowledge about the position of your baby can prepare the mother during the delivery period. This can at least minimize the depression that some mother’s would feel during the period pregnancy, especially at the time when the baby ready to go out and venture the big world.