Morning Sickness : Symptoms, Remedies

I wish that you are suffering only with a mild case of nausea like I was. But I know many who have severe case of morning sickness. Whatever the case is it can be easily avoided with the help of certain measures.
There are chances that worked for one woman during her first pregnancy may or may not work for her in the second pregnancy. So it is rather the hit and try method. While considering which remedy works best for you it is better to first take into account the factors that may cause the women to feel nauseous.

These factors includes

  • Low blood pressure
  • Low glucose level
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B6
  • Excess of spicy or greasy food
  • Emotional distress
  • Activity level

There are several measures which can be taken to avoid morning sickness

  • The woman should keep the blood sugar level constant by frequently taking smaller meals evenly spread throughout the day.
  • Regular exercise, like walk prevents the increase in the hormonal activity.
  • The consumption of iron and vitamin B6 should be increased. For this it is recommended that the women can take Oatstraw good source of vitamin B
    Nettles good source of iron
  • It is also recommended that it is always better to prevent the morning sickness before it takes place. Following preventable measures can be taken to prevent the morning sickness.
  • A woman should eat an unsalted cracker before getting out of the bed as the first thing in the morning.
  • The women should get out of the bed gradually and should avoid abrupt movements
  • The women experiencing morning sickness may also drink a cup of fennel seed tea as a first thing in the morning.
  • To neutralize the acidity of the stomach the expectant mother can also take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed in a glass of water

Morning sickness can be further prevented by taking a healthy breakfast. Here is a sample diet plan to avoid morning sickness
Here is a morning sickness remedy breakfast idea:

  • Stay in the bed for half an hour after waking up
  • Have a cup of peppermint or fennel; tea with an unsalted cracker on the bed
  • Get up slowly from the bed
  • Take some fresh fruit or have a cup of juice
  • Inhale ion some fresh air
  • After another half an hour take a slice of wholegrain bread with a second cup of tea.

Even after following all the above instruction the women is not getting relief from morning sickness. Following remedial measure can be carried out.

  • Go outside in the fresh air
  • Have a cup of raspberry leaves tea daily
  • Try this homeopathic medicine Ipecac 30X, Cannabis 30X, Nux Vomica 6X,
  • Have a tea of peach leaves
  • Have a tablespoon of ginger root tea
  • 25 capsules of powdered ginger roots can be taken in one day throughout the pregnancy to completely overcome the morning sickness

There is another research that has proved that morning sickness occurs as the baby is going through its most important phase of development. And these feelings are actually to keep the baby and the mother away from harmful bacterial infections.

So perhaps the morning sickness is serving some good health effects to the mother and the baby though it itself is extremely unpleasant.