It is common in pregnant women as they often lose their balance , even falling. This is because the continuous changes that the body undergoes increase insecurity and in turn the loss of balance .

This is not a worrying reason for the pregnant woman, since nature is very wise and the female spine is prepared and equipped with great flexibility to overcome these situations.

When the baby grows inside the mother’s womb, that little belly that is forming in her future mother causes all the weight to lean forward. This makes the spine take the form of an arch thanks to the joints (much longer in women) and to the three vertebrae instead of two that they have unlike men.

When a woman has bone problems it is more difficult and painful to carry the pregnancy , on these occasions a lot of rest is recommended to cope with it, especially after the sixth month in which the baby begins to gain weight in its growth.

Heels are not recommended, since the posture throughout pregnancy changes and the extremities tend to swell due to poor blood circulation .

The specialists give some advice not to lose your balance such as:

  • do not lean forward too much if you want to take something from the ground
  • Do not climb to high places like chairs or stools
  • Use caution in slippery places like wet floors
  • avoid excessive loads
  • to go down the stairs. This is one of the most common falls and loss of balance in pregnant women

Therefore, if we look at a pregnant woman, we can see how the center of gravity of her body is different. The body is very wise and adapts to pregnancy to suffer less pain and not lose balance.


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