Importance of vitamin A in pregnancy

In the period of pregnancy there are many nutrients and vitamins that are needed so that the future mother can carry forward the child she generates inside.

Among all these necessary elements is vitamin A, which during this period should increase its consumption. The baby needs this vitamin, just like when the feeding stage comes when he will start eating solid and will be added to his porridge.

The fame of vitamin A has always been to increase visual acuity, but not only its benefits contribute to it.

The orange color so characteristic that it has is due to beta carotene , although they are also found in other green or red vegetables, what happens is that these colors prevent yellow from being seen.

The diet of a pregnant woman has to be balanced and include in it all colors in foods such as green (spinach, cabbage …), orange (pumpkin, mango …), red (tomato, pepper …), all of them contain vitamin To so necessary. In those of animal origin we find it in eggs and dairy.

This type of vitamin really helps the cells to mature and classify themselves in the future baby, each classifying their function (brain, nerves …). If we focus on visual acuity, the function lies in the cells that distinguish between light and darkness, located in the retina, also prevents visual diseases. Infections are also prevented with vitamin A, as it increases the immune system .

All this makes this substance basic for the development of the embryo and the protection of the mother before her teeth, tissues, bones, skin … when the woman gives birth, thanks to vitamin A, the healing of the tissues after the part is Look much more improved.


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