How do I stop producing breast milk

A mother always finds it tough to decide when she should stop breastfeeding. There can be various reasons behind the stopping of the breast milk production and it may vary from one individual to another. In some cases, it becomes essential to dry out the breast milk after a definite stage of time. Generally normal lactation period is of 1 year which is regarded as sufficient for the proper growth of the child. It is a natural process which suits both the child and the mother.

he milk production of breasts stops after a certain amount of time when you discontinue feeding breast milk to the child. After starting the weaning process (stop feeding baby with mother’s milk), the mother may experience feeling of discomfort and this sense of discomfort continues for some weeks or even months in some cases. The weaning process can be a bit painful but with the help o the guidelines given below, you can recover from the situation with fewer problems.

Ways to dry out the breast milk
Below are given various tips which may assist you in your quest to “how you can stop breast milk production”.

  • After you have made a decision to discontinue feeding the baby, you should prefer not to pump or express breast milk unless you require the break desperately. If you will continue to pump milk, your body will presume that your child requires milk.
  • To release yourself from swelling, pain and pressure, you can make use of gel packs or cold packs over the breasts.
  • You should avoid any sort of stimulation of nipple as it may cause the restart of milk production.
  • Another method which is helpful in drying out the breast milk is to keep the leaves of fresh green cabbage over the breasts. This will help in steadily drying out the breast milk. You can change the leaves when they wilt.
  • You can have 2-3 cups of sage tea regularly if you wish to pace up the process of drying the breast milk.
  • Doctors recommend pain relieves in case you have increased feelings of discomfort and you want relief.
  • Drinking good amount of water is also helpful in drying out the breast milk and it makes the process quite fast.
  • You should refrain from feeding the baby more than one time during this process.