Caffeine During Pregnancy

Pregnant women need to avoid consuming several foods which may contain ingredients dangerous for the health of baby. Caffeine is also not good for pregnant women. Several studies suggest that caffeine should be avoided by pregnant women otherwise they may suffer from miscarriages. Coffee is the most common beverage which is consumed by a lot of women. Some experts suggest that a pregnant woman should limit her caffeine intake to two hundred milligrams per day. Till date, there is no consensus about the safe level of caffeine which can be consumed by pregnant women.

As caffeine causes the constriction of blood vessels, it may also lead to lesser flow of blood to the placenta. Apart from this, caffeine easily enters inside the placenta and reaches the baby in the womb. It may have negative effects on the developing cells of baby. It has also been reported by a study conducted in Denmark that those women who drink a lot of coffee every day during pregnancy have higher risk of still birth as compared to those women who do not drink coffee. It has also been suggested by several reports that caffeine may reduce the weight of the baby at the time of birth.

Several researches also prove that the babies, whose mothers consume around 500 mg of caffeine per day during pregnancy, suffer from fast heart rate and problems in breathing for the first few days after their birth. Keeping all these factors in mind, women should avoid the consumption of caffeine during their pregnancy. Caffeine may also be the cause of your insomnia. As there is no safe limit of the caffeine told till date, it is best to leave caffeine altogether during pregnancy. If you do not consume beverages which offer caffeine then you do not need to worry about all the side effects offered by it during pregnancy. Apart from coffee, caffeine is also offered by several energy drinks, chocolates, tea, medicines etc. For ensuring perfect health of your baby at the time of delivery, get caffeine out of your life.