Why Do Babies Cry Inside the Womb?

The universe of babies does not cease to amaze me, since more and more curious and striking data that reach our ears and bring us new surprises about these kids of which there is still much to discover.

In this sense, one of the latest news that has caught my attention has been that, according to a study by scientists from the universities of Durham and Lancaster (England), babies already cry and grimace when they are in the womb, what which shows us that the baby’s crying begins long before birth.

But the most curious thing about this analysis is not the conclusion reached, but the reason why babies cry when they are inside the womb. And is that children practice facial expressions of pain before reaching the world to learn to communicate after birth, for which they make faces of all kinds in order to know how to express their feelings when leaving the womb. Awesome, don’t you think?

Of course, it is the most interesting information that allows us to know a little more about everything that happens inside the belly of the braided women , something that, at least to me, seems most interesting and striking.

Another of the highlights of this research carried out by English scientists is the importance of learning to show pain for babies, who feel the need to communicate to their parents that they are not well since they are born, for which they only have of crying and several grimaces of pain.

As for the gestures that usually invade the faces of babies when they are still in the womb, they highlight the fact of frowning or wrinkling the nose.

There is no doubt that we still have much to know about pregnancy and all the unusual events that come together during the months of gestation of women.


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