Anemia during Pregnancy

In plain and simple language Anemia is a state in human body when there is a deficiency of red blood cells in the blood takes place. This medically means that there is shortage of hemoglobin in the blood. Since hemoglobin carries oxygen in blood cells therefore a lack of red blood cells can often become fatal. Anemia has been classified into four hundred different types. But there are only three most important types that can cause damaging effects. There are numerous causes that enhance anemia in a human body like, external bleeding, pregnancy, chronic disease, and infection and sometimes due to hereditary factors.

There are three basic types of anemia like vitamin B12 anemia, iron-deficiency anemia and folic acid deficiency anemia.

Vitamin B12 anemia is caused by the abnormality that arises out of not being able to intake B12 vitamins that a human body can normally take. B12 vitamin is necessary to generate red blood cells in the blood. This particular type of vitamin comes with animal protein in the body. When a human stomach cannot generate intrinsic factor or the chemical that is required to prevent an autoimmune disorder it causes an deficiency in the red blood cells causing is also caused because of the absence of samller intestine and due to Crohn’s disease. Anemia is generally caused due to absense of proteins in the body; hence there is a need to take eggs, chicken, meat and fish.

Often due to lesser diseases like gastritis, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, peptic ulcers, polyps, gastrointestinal tumors as also different type of tumors causes blood drainage and ultimately causing anemia. All this causes an iron deficiency in the body that results in anemia. A lot of diet with rich iron contents likes fruits, whole-grain bread, beans, and green vegetables can prevent the ailment.

Iron deficit also takes place when proper diet is not taken causing anemia.

Anemia Preventation Symptoms

Folic acid is a vitamin that comes with fresh green vegetables, mostly the leafs and plants, mushrooms, and kidney beans. Often the people from lower income group and elderly people suffer from absence of folic acid. Alcohol abuse also leads to deficit of folic acid in the body. A deficiency of folic acid causes loss in required level and thereby causing anemia. Generally the symptoms are weakness, paleness and constant tiredness in the body. In advance stages it can also lead to chest pain and heart sickness.

Iron-deficiency anemia
The basic treatment of anemia in all the cases starts with replenishing the deficits encountered by the body. For iron deficit a good amount of protein should be taken and for others leafy vegetables, fruits and mushrooms and meat, fish and chicken shout be taken in plenty. In advanced level of anemia surgery, blood transfusions or hormone injections may be needed. Diet correction often helps to rectify the situation. The doctors to supplement food deficiency also prescribe iron pills and folic acid tablets.