Alcohol during pregnancy

There are future moms who often doubt if they can drink during pregnancy and sometimes they always overdo it in a glass thinking that if it is not too much abuse will not harm their future baby.

Given this situation we must think that the fetus feeds on each and every one of the foods that the mother provides and that he absorbs through the umbilical cord, so specialists always recommend a diet as healthy and healthy as possible.

The food reaches the future baby filtered and purified and of course if alcohol is ingested, it will also arrive. The best thing to do is not to try a drop of alcohol while you are pregnant, since nothing in the world should harm the baby in gestation.
If alcohol reached the fetus, the damage would be terrible, as its organs are forming and developing and are not prepared to withstand these harmful substances.

When the baby is in the period of gestation , its vital organs are forming, they still do not have a complete development, so the substances that the mother ingests directly affect her in her formation. The development in the uterus can be influenced by any food not suitable for him, including alcohol .

Some problems with which a mother who drank alcohol could be found would be some such as:
1. spontaneous abortion
2. low weight baby
3. problems in the neurological system (hyperactive children, lack of coordination, mental retardation, etc.)
4. developmental problems (lack of concentration, learning problems, etc.)
5. organs with malformation
Future moms must be aware at all times of what alcohol can mean for their pregnancy.
A good recommendation is to toast with glasses containing natural juice, surely you will taste delicious thinking about that new life that is carried inside and that we have to take care of in the healthiest way possible. So if you are a future mom and you are in doubt about whether or not to drink alcohol, better wait to give birth, although if your idea is to breastfeed the baby, you may have to wait a little longer.

The damage caused by alcohol in the fetus causes malformations, mutations, cause of abortion, brain damage, physical defects … a series of consequences that have no qualms.

The development of the child is carried out in two stages: macrobiotic and microsomic, that is, what is seen and what is not seen. Inside there are infinite cells that form nerves, intelligence, hearing, sight, brain … everything belonging to his person to constitute his physical health. The mother’s alcohol intake while the baby is forming can become harmful, intervening in the formation of these two stages, irreparable damage to her human, physical and personal nature. Following the advice of specialists, any pregnant woman should avoid drinking alcohol, no matter how minimal, as a future prevention system for her future baby.

Any woman who decides to have a child must be aware that it is her body that is leading to the formation of a new life , for that reason she must act correctly and take the necessary care so that she and her Future child do not suffer any harm if it is possible to avoid it.


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