Alcohol Consumption During Pregnancy

If a woman is pregnant, then she needs to take more care of herself. A lot of lifestyle changes are made by pregnant women. If we talk about alcohol during pregnancy then the first idea that will strike anyone’s mind is that alcohol should never be taken during pregnancy. It is no doubt true that consuming alcohol by pregnant women poses a risk to the health of their babies. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy may lead to several problems related to the behavior of the baby. The amount of alcohol consumed and the timings of drinking (early or late pregnancy) affect the types of behavioral troubles in babies.

Along with this, women should also understand that they need to change their party lifestyle once they get pregnant. If a woman keeps on taking alcohol or some kinds of drugs then it may cause several birth defects in the baby. These birth defects may be impossible to treat. Some reports also suggest that children of women who drink during pregnancy are more likely to alcohol abuse in their lives. Babies develop a taste and liking for the alcohol in the womb itself. When they get young, they tend to drink alcohol for handling different types of pressures.

Fetal alcohol syndrome refers to different types of physical and mental defects which may be caused to the babies in the womb of their mothers, who drink too much alcohol. Such children may never be able to grow up like normal kids. It is advised that women who plan to get pregnant should leave drinking before they conceive. It is best to quit drinking months before getting pregnant. The list of problems which may occur to those babies whose mothers consume alcohol during pregnancy is very long. Such kids may suffer from learning disabilities, defects in kidneys, deformation of sternum and ribs, less weight and smaller size of body etc.

Women should understand that there is nothing like safe level of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Women must leave drinking during pregnancy if they do not want to affect the life of their babies in a negative manner.