Acupressure to Induce Labor

Labor or maternity acupressure

Labor acupressure which is also called pregnancy or maternity acupressure is a very successful natural way which makes the childbirth easy. This way the pregnant women get natural technique which reduces the labor pain which out any need of drugs. It releases no side effect and is very safe for the baby and the mother.

This ancient technique is being used for about 5000 years all around the world and has proved its effective healing effects. Acupressure is a technique which works alike to acupuncture. The basic principles and ideas for both the techniques are same. The only difference is that pressure is given with the help of needles in acupuncture whereas fingers are used for giving pressure for acupressure therapy. The pressure is given on some particular pressure points of the body which help in reduction of pain. Since on pressure is given with the help of fingers and no drugs, pills, needles or tonics are needed in this therapy, it is absolutely safe for the baby and the mother.

Pregnancy acupressure is being used in Asian countries for many years and since it helps in making the child birth experience better, it is very popular in Western countries too. This therapy can be used at home. All you need is to remember some basic instructions so that it may become safer for you to use this therapy.
Pregnancy acupressure is a natural way to induce labor. This therapy helps in descending the baby, developing and expanding the cervix. This is one of the best and natural ways to induce the labor.

Advantages of using pregnancy acupressure

Pregnancy acupressure is a natural remedy and helps in following the ways:

  • Inducing labor in a natural way without help of any drugs.
  • Helps in reducing labor pains and anxiety.
  • Helps in strengthening contractions.
  • Helps in expanding the cervix.
  • Helps in keeping you comfortable and calm.
  • Stops the feeling of vomiting or nausea.

This therapy specializes in reducing the pain naturally. It also helps in reducing the complications. This therapy does not need any medication or needles which makes it safer and painless. Since this therapy is very easy to do, you can also try it on your own with the help of few instructions. This way you can ensure the health of the mother and baby both.