10 Common Pregnancy Problems Pregnant Womens face

A woman can feel various problems during pregnancy. That is because her body undergoes a number of changes to help the foetus develop inside her uterus. These problems are liable to disappear during her pregnancy or after the birth. In any case, they are rarely serious.

Nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting better known as morning sickness, commonly occurs between the sixth and the fourteenth week of pregnancy. Although it may seem from the common name that it only occurs in the morning, it often occurs throughout the day.

Urinary problems

Urinary problems generally occur in the form of the need to pass water more often than normal. There are various reasons for that to happen. There is also an increased risk of urinary infection. To avoid that, a pregnant woman should drink plenty of fluids and respond to the urge to urinate as promptly as possible.


Constipation is another common occurrence during pregnancy. Hormonal changes slow down the passage of food through the intestines, and the growing uterus exerts pressure on the rectum. Additionally, if a woman is being treated for anemia, the iron supplements can also have an effect.

Extreme fatigue

Extreme fatigue is often felt during pregnancy. To handle this, women should take frequent naps and go to bed earlier. Extreme fatigue is can also be a symptom of anaemia. It may be necessary to consult a doctor in that case.
Breast soreness is also common. In fact it is often one of the signs of onset of pregnancy. The end of the first trimester usually sees an improvement.

skin itchiness

About one fifth of the pregnant women feel some kind of skin itchiness. Application of a moisturizer ought to relieve this. However, in a few cases it turns out to be for a liver problem. Consultation with the doctor is then required.


Backaches occur in pregnancy as a result of increasing size and weight of the uterus and the breasts, and also because ligaments that attach the spine to the pelvic bone are loosened by hormones. This can be remedied by having warm baths, resting and massage. In severe cases, the consultant may prescribe safe painkillers.

Leg cramps

Leg cramps may also occur for unknown reasons, during pregnancy, and may be relieved by walking, stretching, warm baths and massage.

Swelling of the ankles

Swelling of the ankles and toes often occur at a late stage of pregnancy. This can be alleviated by putting the feet up when sitting or wearing waist high support tights and exercising.

carpal tunnel syndrome

Pins and needles occur especially in the hands, and there may be some accompanying pain and numbness. This is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Again consultation with the doctor can help.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are enlarged veins, usually happening in the legs. The remedy is to put up the feet when sitting, gentle exercise, and wearing support tights or stockings. Improvement is often seen after the birth.

Hemorrhoids or piles

Hemorrhoids or piles may appear, or worsen during pregnancy. They may also occur during labor. Again, the condition usually disappears after birth.