8 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect : Symptoms, Baby Growth, Mother’s Changes, Belly, Ultrasound

8 Weeks Pregnant : Baby Size 0.6 inches, 0.05oz.
8 Weeks Pregnant : Baby Size   Fruit Raspberry
8 Weeks Pregnant : Month 2 Months (You will Complete 2 Months at the end of 8th Week of Pregnany)
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Hi Mom: I have grown more.

Your baby has grown further in size and features.

Let’s take you through Week-8.

Baby’s growth:

The fingers and the toes have started to form with the arms can also flex. The eyes gradually are clearer as they have developed in pigment in retina. Your baby’s intestines are also getting elongated. Since the abdomen of your baby is small in size at this stage, so the intestines extend towards umbilical cord till the 12th week.

This week your baby has new buds, which would develop into genitals. The development of the same would not disclose the sex of your baby now. Hi Mom! You must be very anxious to find out whether you are carrying a girl or boy. You have to have some more patience.

Mother’s changes:

You must have experienced the following pregnancy symptoms by now: severe fatigue, nausea, missed period, tight clothes owing to your uterus swelling. If you are pregnant for the first time then you may have the following symptoms: swollen and tender breasts, in all probability the stomach having a pooch-out.

Please confirm your pregnancy through a pregnancy test at home or through a blood test or through a urine test at the doctor’s chamber. After you are through these routine requirements, the initial prenatal visit needs to be scheduled. Please remember that high quality prenatal care is necessary for your baby’s health and its safe delivery.

Now your pregnancy needs to be monitored by the professionals of health care, which also includes obstetrician, a practitioner nurse, family doctor or a midwife. Please note: if you had miscarriages earlier or had pregnancy complications earlier, then frequent visits to the doctor is required.

Father’s role:

Your accompanying with the mom during initial prenatal visit, would definitely give her a lot of confidence and self-assurance. So please be a concerned parent now.

Do not forget to ask the doctor the queries you have. After you are home you can also rejoice at the dinner table while discussing about initial prenatal visit you had.

The week’s inspiration:

Wondering your baby’s small cute fingers and charming little toes would be the delightful.

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