34 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect : Symptoms, Baby Growth, Mother’s Changes, Belly, Ultrasound

You have just stepped into week 34. Congratulations Mother!

The Braxton Hicks contractions can be felt now but they seem to increase in intensity. These contractions may grow and they are painless and not rhythmical. These prepare the body for going into the labor. You can start selecting a pediatrician.

You can start planning on breast feeding because that is the most natural way to feed your young one. You can read a lot on the topic. You can get all relevant information from the caregiver. You can also visit a number of websites online that tell you a lot about breast feeding.

Baby’s Growth :

At this stage the baby opens his eyes while awake and closes them while he is sleeping. It is developing immunities slowly and that helps it to fight infection. They have sharp finger nails and they are so sharp that they need to be chipped a little after they are born.

While at this stage the baby draws calcium from the mother. This is to harden the bone and if the pregnant woman is not taking enough calcium it would make her very weak in calcium as the bay would take away all the calcium it needs for growth. The vernix coating is getting thick and the lanugo hair goes at this stage.

The baby is ready for delivery by now and the doctor can tell you about the baby’s position whether it is a breach baby or a normal one.

Mother’s Changes :

Fatigue is a common factor here. You have difficulty sleeping, you get a lot of pains and aches and also weight gain. You have anxiety about labor and you are worried about taking care of the newborn. You have to take a lot of rest and short cat naps if possible.

Father’s Role :

Mom looks too huge and she feels very clumsy at this hour. She becomes very moody and she is also weepy and very vulnerable. You can tell her how beautiful she looks and what an excellent mom she would make. You can serve her breakfast in bed and let her feel that you feel that she is the special woman in your life.

Inspiration of the week :

You make the most of what you have rather than hanker for what you cannot ever have. Be happy in this state of pregnancy and feel grateful for what He has sent you this day.

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