28 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect : Symptoms, Baby Growth, Mother’s Changes, Belly, Ultrasound

You have just stepped into the third semester on your 28th week.

Let’s take you through week 28.

Baby’s Growth :

This is the seventh month and the baby is growing rapidly inside with eyebrows and lashed now present and the hair is gradually growing. The eyelids are formed and the body gets plump and round. The muscles are also improving. The lungs are grown but if the baby is born prematurely it would have difficulty to breathe. You can talk to the baby now because he knows your voice.

The bay weighs around 1000 grams that is about 2 pounds now. The health care provider would be able to tell you the baby’s right position, whether head below or feet first (breach position). The baby changes its position on its own. The baby’s brain – the grooves and folds expand now and he has more layers of fat and hair growth.

Mother’s Changes :

You are facing a lot of changes – itchy skin, swelling, heartburn, leg cramps, varicose veins, in this semester. The uterus is three inches above the position of your naval. The weight gain on an average is 17 and 24 pounds. You have to have a test for gestational diabetes. You would probably feel a bit heavy with back aches and pressure. You can take a warm bath during this period.

You have to have a few blood tests done and one of it is the measuring of Rh factor. If you do not have it, that is, if you are Rh negative and the baby is Rh Positive, then the baby could suffer from anemia and jaundice. You have to prevent these by a vaccine which you have to take at 28 weeks and again after delivery.

You are on your way to enter the third semester and there are many changes your body must adjust to. Sweet watery substance called the colostrums would be developing in your breasts and could be leaking out. If it does not there is no reason to get worried as in many cases, it does not leak out.

You have to see your doctor once in every two weeks now.

Father’s Role :

This is not an easy week for mom and daddy has to have a lot of support. Take her to shopping some day or treat her to an oil massage for her abdomen or buy her some maternity outfit to make her feel good.

The week’s Inspiration :

Children are like pearls of joy on the family string.

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