17 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect : Symptoms, Baby Growth, Mother’s Changes, Belly, Ultrasound

Your baby’s heart starts functioning.

This week your baby’s heart starts working and at the same time your breast’s also gears up slowly to take up the breastfeeding in near future.

Let’s take you through Week-17.

Baby’s growth:

Your baby is still very small, now approximately 4.9 ounces in weight and 5.1 inches in length. In this stage your baby experiences a speedy growth as the baby has a formation of fat beneath its skin. The small little heart is now pushing in blood of about 25 quarts daily, which reflects in your baby while he or she swallows, sucks and blinks.
Now the placenta and your baby are of the same size. The placenta taking care of the nourishment of the fetus by providing oxygen and nutrients and removal of wastes, is developing to have room for your baby. It has numerous blood vessels, which carry oxygen and nutrients from the mom’s body to the baby’s body.

Mother’s changes:

By now you must have observed that there is a remarkable change in your breasts. The hormones are arranging your breasts for production of milk. As additional blood flows into the breasts, the glands intended for milk production grows and gets prepared for breastfeeding. This increases the breast size and reasons out for the veins becoming visible. So you need to keep some large sizes of bras ready for you during pregnancy.

The position of your uterus is approximately 2 inches beneath the belly button. As the baby is through an enlargement spurt, chances of your gaining too are not ruled out. Around this time the average weight gained would be approximately 5 to 10 pounds.

Father’s role:

Though mom feels her baby moving inside, you may not realize it now when you touch her tummy. The baby is playing inside and her mom is feeling and enjoying every bit of it. It is now when you support her emotions and happiness.

Any one of these days, mom may position your hand on the tummy and you luckily you may feel your little baby.

The week’s inspiration:

On top of the world was having felt the baby. Now longing to feel your newborn baby.

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