10 Weeks Pregnant What to Expect : Symptoms, Baby Growth, Mother’s Changes, Belly, Ultrasound

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Hey Mom: I am can swim now.

It’s news to you. Your baby can swim now. Wish you could feel your baby swim. Just give yourself a patience wait.

Let’s take you through Week-10.

Baby’s growth:

By this week mostly all of the important organs of your baby have been shaped and are preparing to work collectively. Amongst the external modifications such as fingers and toes separation occurs. Your baby’s tooth bud formation also takes place. In case it’s a boy, then his testes begins to produce testosterone, which is known as a male hormone.

Mother’s changes:

This week especially some checks and tests need to be conducted, as well as blood pressure and your weight needs checking. Please do not forget that the quality of food you eat during this period counts, not the quantity. It is advisable that you munch through nutritious foods in sufficient quantities, which is eating nutritious food for your baby too. Dieting during pregnancy is unwanted and may cause harm to your baby. Hence eat sensibly.

The health care contributor will conduct the breast exam and also the required internal examination. The health care contributor after taking a feedback of your family medical history may try to find out if your baby is at risk for any hereditary syndromes. Examination of external abdomen is necessary to verify your baby’s position and its size. Urine test is also a must.

Your baby’s heart is beating. Like to hear it? Well you have the chance right now. Your health care contributor will make you hear by means of the Doppler Stethoscope.

A blood test also needs to be carried out now to diagnose your immunization against measles, mumps, varicella and rebella. This blood test also helps to find out the Rh factor and your blood group.
Your blood quantity increases 40% to 50% wherein you might get to observe your veins clearly mainly in your breasts, legs and tummy.

Father’s role:

Caring and sharing are the good secrets for living. Share all the excitement with your partner and ask her how she is feeling. Feel her emotions and ask what further help she needs.

The week’s inspiration:

You may be humming your partner’s best song in front of her.

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