Plastic Vs Glass Baby Feeding bottles:

As a new parent, you may be overwhelmed by the wide variety of baby feeding bottles available in the market. The most common question is whether of use plastic or glass baby feeding bottles. 

Glass bottles were used 30 years back. Plastic bottles have been popular over the last 20 years. But due to health concerns of use of plastic, many people are going back to glass bottles.  You may wonder, Glass OR Plastic bottle, what is the right choice for your baby.

Pros of Plastic Bottles:

  • Plastic bottles are unbreakable.
  • They are lightweight.

Cons of Plastic Bottles:

  • Plastic may develop odour.
  • Sometimes, milk may taste different due to plastic.
  • They can develop cracks due to abrasion. This can lead to bacteria growth.

Care for Plastic Bottles:

  • When using plastic bottles, make sure that you fill the bottle just before use. It is better not to store the milk or formula in the plastic bottle for a long time.
  • Wash the plastic bottles with mild soap. Due to harsh cleaning, plastic bottles may develop cracks. This can promote bacteria growth, making the bottle harmful for further use. It is recommended, you checnge the plastic bottle every few months. 
  • Do not sterilize the plastic bottles at high temperatures which can lead the plastic to melt.

Though plastic bottles these days are BPA-free, they may contain chemicals. So, it is recommended you buy the pricier bottles from renowned brands. This, to some extent assure you that the material used is of high quality.

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Pros of Glass Bottles:

  • The main advantage of glass bottle is that you can be sure that bottle is free of any harmful chemicals.
  • Glass bottles tend to be more hygienic. This is because, they do not develop microcracks that may cause bacteria growth. Hence, the life bottles will safely last you longer, provided it does not break.
  • Glass bottles are odour free. Also, glass bottles do not alter the taste or formula.
  • Using glass bottles if more hygienic. This is because, sterilization of the glass bottles at higher temperature can be done as glass melting point is much higher than plastic.
  • Glass bottles are eco-friendly as they can be easily recycled.

Cons of Glass Bottles:

  • The main disadvantage of glass bottles is that they are breakable. To address this issue, many brands offer a silicone cover for the bottle. This silicone cover, to some extent, helps protecting the bottle form breaking. If your toddler is handing the bottle, you may be always worried about breaking the bottle. Also, newer bottles are made of tempered glass. This can reduce the breaking of bottles to some extent .
  • One more disadvantage of glass bottle is that it is heavy.
  • Also, glass bottles will tend to be more costly than plastic bottles.

Care for Glass Bottles

  • When using glass bottles, check for cracks in the bottle before every use.

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Carefully weigh the pros and cons of plastic vs glass bottles and make the right choice for your baby.

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