Orthopedic pillow for babies

Manufacturers of orthopedic pillows for babies undoubtedly talk about its benefits to the baby. It is intended for the proper development of the cervical spine in a child, taking into account the features of their anatomy. But is it? Theoretically, there is nothing harmful for the development of the child in the pillow, but the orthopedists agree in one opinion, believing that an orthopedic pillow for the baby is not needed, it does not carry any benefit in itself. Moreover, it gives an excessive load on the cervical spine.

Pros of orthopedic pillows for babies

Pillow manufacturers claim that an orthopedic pillow brings significant benefits to the baby. The advantages are the provision of heat transfer, it is useful as a prevention of torticollis development, relieves stress from the cervical spine, and normalizes the blood circulation of the baby’s head. In addition, the pillow does not cause contact allergies and is easily erased.

Orthopedists say no!

The spine of the baby is formed gradually. The cervical spine will form by the time the baby begins to hold the head. Further, when the baby crawls, a bend of the spine is formed in the chest area. And the formation of the spine is completed by the lower section, when the child sits down independently.

Whether you need an orthopedic pillow for your baby is up to you. But the development of the child is a natural process and it makes no sense to force it. Orthopedic pillows have appeared not so long ago and there is not much experience with use, so their use is doubtful.

Orthopedists say that an orthopedic pillow for an infant is not needed, moreover, it harms the natural development of the child. Moreover, presses on the neck and the child has to bear the extra burden on the spine.

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