Monthly Newborn Growth

It is important for each parent to constantly monitor the growth of their child in order to observe the development of their child. The body of each child certainly develops individually. Girls and boys also grow in different ways, so data on the growth of newborns by months will help mom and dad to approximately predict the growth of their future baby.

The growth of the child is ensured by the growth of the cartilage zone and lasts up to 20 years. After the body undergoes puberty in adolescence, growth will slow down. It is important for parents to observe the growth of their children and in case of deviations, it is important to immediately consult a doctor for advice. Everyone who considers the growth of newborn babies by months knows that boys grow faster than girls in their first year of life. Subsequently, the growth of boys slows down, and girls grow just every day. For faster bone growth, it is important for the child to give dairy products, vegetables and fruits, which contain a lot of calcium and protein.

On average, the growth of a newborn is about 50 cm, and at the end of the first year of life already reaches 80 cm.

Below is the monthly growth data for newborns:

birth – 50-51 cm;

1 month – 54-55 cm;

2 month – 55-59 cm;

3 month – 60-62 cm;

4 month – 62-65 cm;

5 month – 64-68 cm;

6 month – 66-70 cm;

7 month – 68-72 cm;

8 month – 69-74 cm;

9 month – 70-75 cm;

10 month – 71-76 cm;

11 months – 72-78 cm;

12 month – 74-80 cm.

It is important to understand that these data are averaged and depend on the individual indicators of the child. Information about the growth of newborns by months allows mom and dad to plan the purchase of clothes for the baby, because they grow very quickly, and there are really a lot of things in the first years.

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