Laxative for infants

It is very difficult to give birth to a healthy child, but the tests of the parents do not end there. In the first months of life, babies suffer from constipation, as the bowels are tuned. As a rule, digestion problems lead to the fact that the child is restless and gives trouble to parents. There just can not do without a laxative for infants. First, to prevent constipation, you need to know what they come from.

Causes of constipation in a baby

Consider some of them: – the effect of feeding; – change in the diet of the child; – improper artificial nutrition for the baby; – nutrition of a nursing mother; – reaction to certain types of drugs. Since this happened, you need to know the right methods to deal with constipation.

Laxative for infants, a brief description

With all the variety of pharmacy drugs, you need to pay tribute to three that are very well suited to small children, these are:

– relax;

– glycerin candles;

– dufalac.

Prelax is a good remedy for lactulose, as a result of which, constipation passes very quickly and the intestines of the child work. Due to this composition, the drug is absolutely harmless to the baby and is praised by many pediatricians, so it has gained great popularity in the market of medicines. The benefits include the fact that it is not addictive. The ideal dosage of prelax should be 10 ml / day, then reduced to 5 ml / day.

Glycerin suppositories are used in case of emergency and act directly on the cause. Do not get used to them, as they are not recommended for continuous use.

Dufalac is effective for constipation. Its natural structure absolutely does not harm the intestines, and the application can be carried out every day from the very birth of the baby. Regarding dosage, you need to consult a pediatrician.

Thanks to affordable laxatives for babies, you can safely return calm and joy to your baby without worrying about his health.

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