Infants have pimples on their faces

In case the baby has pimples on her face, mothers begin to worry about what it is. And in order to understand what kind of pimples on the baby’s face, you need to read this article.

What pimples on the face of an infant can be?

Any newborn baby has very delicate and sensitive skin, as a result of which various rashes may periodically appear on it. If the baby has pimples on her face white without any redness, then this is most likely a milium. These rashes usually do not require treatment and pass by themselves when the sebaceous glands are fully formed. They can be found on the nose, on the forehead, on the cheeks and under the eyes.

The next rash on the face can be sweating, which most often appears on the neck, and then goes on to the skin of the baby’s face. In appearance – this is a lot of small pimples that are surrounded by very reddened skin. Sweating most often manifests itself in hot weather. This rash is also not particularly dangerous for the newborn and requires constant hygiene. You can use a powder to dry pimples of acne.

There may also be small acne called Acne. With age, they also pass by themselves. If Acne periodically reappears, then ointments should be used. The cause of pimples in an infant can be the so-called reaction of the baby to the introduction of complementary foods. If there is any allergen in the diet, then pimples may appear on the face. In this case, it is necessary to immediately exclude harmful products from the diet.

What to do if the baby has pimples on her face?

It is worth remembering that if a baby has pimples on her face, then you can not rub them with alcohol or lotions, as well as squeeze pimples. If pimples occur, it is important to ensure proper care.

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