Infant Rotavirus Infection

Rotavirus infection in infants is a rather tricky disease, which the child is able to catch both with direct (airborne) contact and, for example, through objects that have been in a virus-infected environment, such as toys, clothes, bottles. The main symptoms (signs) of rotavirus infection. It all starts with a sharp jump in temperature to 38-40 degrees, which is extremely difficult to reduce with traditional drugs like Nurofen.

This is followed by an upset bowel and culminates in severe vomiting. Please note that at first it is quite difficult to distinguish this infection from SARS. Parenting and treatment. It is necessary to bring the baby to the “column” position and not to put one to sleep, and if you suspect vomiting, hold the baby’s head so that the nose is above the mouth, otherwise the baby can easily drown. Next, you need to urgently call emergency care and collect things necessary for hospitalization in the infectious ward of the children’s hospital, which is very good if you do not already have experience in combating this infection.

Nutrition for rotavirus infection in infants

Immediately remove all dairy foods (naturally, except breast milk if the baby is on HB). Often drink a little bit, with teaspoons (as an option – pour the liquid with a syringe without a needle), since a large amount of water will lead to the opposite effect, and you first need to avoid dehydration. The most effective in this case is rehydron. If there is no rehydron, or the child refuses to take it, sweetened water, a decoction of rice or raisins will do.

Treatment of rotavirus infection in infants

Recovery of the child’s body after rotavirus infection and disinfection of the living room. An acute rotavirus infection in infants requires careful restoration of microflora with the help of such drugs as Bifiform, Hilak-Forte, Florin-Forte, Linex. Food should be very light and well digestible. You definitely need to wash everything that can be washed at the highest temperature, and even better, boil and wash everything with the help of a domestos, duckling, vanilla, and any other chemicals (based on bleach). Closely examine the places where the baby was, and where he felt bad – cushions, rugs, be sure to throw out toothbrushes, rags, sponges AFTER full recovery.

And, finally, be sure to remember that rotavirus infection in infants requires a special analysis (culture), which is taken only after the official registration of this disease in the SES, and, as a rule, involves a daily, mandatory visit to the pediatrician, as well as going to the doctor infectious disease specialist and repeated tests until the child is completely recovered.

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