How to swaddle a newborn?

Taking the crumbs from the hospital, young mothers have many questions regarding the establishment of lactation and caring for the baby. Before swaddling a newborn, you must weigh the pros and cons of this procedure.

Do I need to swaddle a baby?

Not so long ago, scientists have proved that children who are not swaddled develop much faster than their peers, who are regularly swaddled with a “column”. This is due to the fact that free arms and legs can move freely. At the same time, the muscles of the shoulder girdle, as well as the lower limbs, are strengthened faster. Accordingly, the baby sits faster, gets up, goes.
Grandmothers scare mothers who do not swaddle children with the fact that babies will have crooked legs because of this. This is a common myth, which is not confirmed in any way.

How to swaddle a newborn if he does not sleep well?

In order to provide the baby with a comfortable sleep, it can be swaddled by the method of free swaddling. As a result of this, the arms will not be connected, and the lower limbs will be in a warm “cocoon” of diapers. For these purposes, you can purchase a special sleeping bag for newborns. It is a bag with armholes for pens. This device is fastened with a zipper.

Most babies under the age of 6 months can wake themselves with pens, so in order to ensure a quiet sleep, the baby can be swaddled tightly. It should be understood that during wakefulness the baby should move freely, so after waking the baby should be freed from the diapers.

How to swaddle a newborn with hip dysplasia?

For these purposes, successfully used “wide” swaddling. The principle of such wrapping the crumbs is that between the legs of the baby they put hard tissue, folded several times. You should get a strip of folded fabric with a width of 13 centimeters. This strip is placed between the legs of the child, and I attach the “stirrups” of fabric at the waist with a second diaper. The legs of the baby will be constantly divorced to the sides, which favorably affects the health of the hip joints. Wide swaddling in combination with massage makes it possible to completely cure the baby.

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