How to relieve pain in baby’s Tummy

Babies are up to six months constantly tormented due to digestive failures. There is no pathology, because in the first months the gastrointestinal system learns to function independently, adapts to the processing of incoming products from the outside . Mom during this period has a hard time: the child suffers, cries badly, refuses to eat. Knowing the factors that impede the absorption of food will help to cope with the difficulties encountered.

Causes of gastrointestinal pain in infants

Quite often, discomfort in babies is caused by gases. The substances that provoke the accumulation of air are saturated with breast milk due to the fact that mom drinks soda, abuses bakery products, eats white cabbage and  dishes containing legumes.

If the tummy in the baby hurts for no reason, the “culprits” are most likely colic due to the adaptation of the intestine to a new diet. It also happens that digestion is complicated by the increased fat content of milk: a thick product is slowly broken down, as a result of which it begins to ferment.

Ways to relieve gastrointestinal discomfort in infants

Quickly remove the gases will allow the introduction into the rectum of a special tube, which can easily be purchased at the pharmacy. Neonatologists teach to insert it correctly. If this is not possible, and the baby has a very painful tummy because of the accumulation of gas, it is necessary to put an improvised heating pad from an ironed diaper on his navel. This action will reduce the sensation.

You should know that with colic, gymnastics is shown, which consists in smoothly bending-straightening the legs, as well as massage, consisting in circularly stroking clockwise the  area around the navel. If the problem of colic is associated with the fat content of milk, then the crumb before each feeding should be watered with a weak broth of chamomile or tepid water.

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