How to measure and bring down the temperature in a baby

For each parent, the health of their own child is most important. There are such cases in life when a child becomes ill and his body temperature rises. And at this time, everyone begins to think how to bring down the temperature in the baby.

Ways to reduce body temperature in infants

There are several options for lowering body temperature. The most important thing is not to bring down the body temperature if it does not exceed 38 degrees. And you need to focus on the fact that in infants, body temperature from 36.2 to 37.3 degrees is the norm. 1 way – the use of antipyretic drugs (suppositories – efferalgan, nurofen; syrup – nurofen, panadol); 2 way – wiping with water. Moisten a gauze swab in boiled water 37 degrees and wipe the body of the baby. As the gauze swab dries, moisten it. Do not wipe the baby’s body with vinegar and vodka, this can cause the child poisoning or burns.

Before lowering the body temperature of the baby, first you need to measure it.

How to measure the temperature of a baby

This is an important question, since it is not so easy to do. The child is sick, naughty, does not give a thermometer. Currently, there are electronic thermometers (nipple thermometer, infrared frontal thermometer), which do not require prolonged contact with the body and therefore it is possible to quickly measure body temperature. But mercury thermometers are better, much more correct, show the results. Using a mercury thermometer is more difficult to measure the temperature of the baby. You can wrap the baby in a diaper, put a mercury thermometer in his armpit and hold the baby in her arms for 10 minutes.

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