How to help babies with constipation

Among the most common problems faced by parents of a one-year-old child, stool disorders take precedence. According to statistics, 25% of babies regularly suffer from constipation. As a result, anxious parents begin to look for a way to help babies with constipation. For starters, it would be nice to see the causes of the disease. At the very least, this will help avoid constipation in the future.

Causes of constipation in infants

The first signal for alarm is the lack of stool during the day. Normally, in a child up to 3 months, bowel movements occur 2 to 4 times a day. Closer to the year, indicators are almost halving.

Among the causes of constipation in infants, doctors distinguish:

• transition to another type of feeding;
• improper nutrition of a woman who is breastfeeding;
• lack of breast milk;
• taking antibiotics;
• anatomical defects of the intestine;
• psychological factor.

Only a doctor can determine the cause. Self-medication is extremely undesirable, especially when it comes to the most important thing in the life of each parent – the health of the beloved baby. But how to help a crying baby with constipation before the doctor arrives?

How to relieve the condition of infants with constipation?

For starters, you can do a light massage of the tummy. Warm baths also help. It has long established itself as a reliable way to make the intestines work, physical exercise “bicycle”.

In the arsenal of a wise mother are other methods of helping a child:

1. Mixtures of fiber-rich foods.
2. A sufficient amount of fluid.
3. Glycerin suppositories.
4. The medical drug “Dufalac.”
5. Rectal irritation with a thermometer or cotton swab.

How to help babies with constipation caused by psychological reasons? There is one simple way – maternal hugs. The heat of my mother’s body is really able to relieve the intestines of crumbs. In the end, it is worth recalling once again that the treatment of constipation should be aimed at its cause, and not at the constant stimulation of defecation.

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