How to give babies Duphalac

Many parents sooner or later face constipation in their babies. Solving this problem is not easy, since most drugs are not intended for children from the first days of life. Dufalac, almost the only drug in our market that you can take babies from birth. The pediatrician prescribing dufalac how to give an infant determines on the basis of his age.

Features of the digestive system of the baby

 The digestive system of the baby does not rarely fail, it is not yet perfect. Ideally, a newborn baby should empty its intestines as many times as it eats. If the emptying occurs less than once every 72 hours, then the child needs help. This is especially true for children who are on artificial or mixed feeding. If other, more natural methods of stimulating the stool do not help, then the pediatrician can prescribe the use of dufalac.

Dosages and use of Duphalac

 The dose is usually determined by the pediatrician. Treatment should not exceed 15-20 days in a row. After taking the treatment course, the doctor prescribes a maintenance course, which is selected individually for each child. You can divide the daily dose into 2 parts and give 2.5 ml of the drug Duphalac, since you can give the baby 5 ml per day. Duphalac can be given as pure syrup, or diluted with water.

In children, metabolic processes quickly occur, the drug is absorbed instantly and the effect of the drug can be observed after a few hours. Simultaneously with taking the drug, it is advisable to do the baby gymnastics or a special massage for the tummy. This is a modern drug of a new generation, do not be afraid to use Duphalac, how to give a baby it is advisable to consult your pediatrician.

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