How to collect feces and urine from a baby

Having often become parents for the first time, young mom and dad are forced to regularly encounter new questions for themselves and constantly replenish their knowledge in order to find answers to them. For example, such seemingly simple questions about “how to collect urine?” or “how to collect feces in infants?” they put young parents at a standstill, causing concern, and some have panic, because the baby is not yet accustomed to the potty and does not speak. He cannot tell his parents that he wanted to use the toilet so that they can prepare to collect tests. Therefore, to preserve the strength and health of young parents, it is worth describing in detail how to easily and simply collect tests from children at home.

How to collect feces in infants?

Unlike urine, feces can be collected the night before. You will need a special container for collecting feces. It can also be purchased at the pharmacy, it is equipped with a special spoon for collecting feces for analysis. Wash the baby before collecting this analysis does not work. Therefore, just wash the baby and put on a diaper, it can be either gauze or disposable and wait for the baby to poop. You can collect feces from the surface of the diaper with a spoon attached to the lid of the container.

But remember that you need to collect only from the surface, do not take samples that come in contact with the diaper. After collecting feces, if this happened on the eve of the change, it is necessary to put it in the refrigerator. Now you know how to collect tests from a newborn baby and the question “how to collect feces from an infant?” will not baffle you.

How to collect urine from an infant?

Since urine for analysis is collected in the morning, you need to buy a sterile jar and urinal for collecting urine in a pharmacy in advance. In the morning, when the baby wakes up, you need to wash it thoroughly, wipe it with a clean towel. Never use powders, oils, or other cosmetics. Put the baby on a clean diaper. Stick the urinal according to the attached instructions. If the baby begins to get nervous, then you can gently put on panties or sliders over the urinal.

But do not forget to periodically check if it is full. Once it is full, carefully remove it and pour the urine into a jar.

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