How to care for a newborn boy

Parents had their first child – a son. A happy mother looks at her first-born with love and anxiety and asks whether she will be able to give him everything she needs, and whether she can provide him with decent care. Maternal instinct and some of our tips will help you resolve the issue of how to care for a newborn boy.

Hygiene of newborns

Regardless of gender, all newborn babies need individual hygiene. To ensure it, you should always have at hand hygienic wet wipes, cotton pads and sticks, diapers, baby creams, oils. The first time you can not do without brilliant green, hydrogen peroxide, bandage, adhesive and alcohol.

The most vulnerable spot in a newly born baby is the navel. The wound will heal for some more time, so every day it must be treated with hydrogen peroxide and brilliant green. The local pediatrician will tell you how to do this, how to take care and care for a newborn boy.

Very important for the boy is washing. After the next diaper change or after the stool of the baby, be sure to wash the ass and genitals with warm water and baby soap. Do not rush to immediately put on a diaper, in any possible case, let the son’s body breathe, if there are diaper rash, treat the intimate places with cream, powder.
Wipe with cotton wool soaked in oil behind the ears, armpits, in places where skin folds form to prevent diaper rash. Also, lubricate the whole body of the boy with baby oil, rubbing and massaging it, every time after bathing.

A full bath is needed every night before bedtime. In warm water (about 370 C) add a decoction of herbs (succession, chamomile, calendula), they have a disinfecting and soothing effect. Check the temperature of the water not with your hand, but with a special thermometer, so as not to give your child a “steam room”.

Features of caring for the genitals of the boy

Despite numerous conversations about how to care for a newborn boy, about the need to pull back the flesh, expose the head and rinse it during bathing, world medical practice shows that nothing like this should be done. All the features of care are reduced to external washing of the genitals with soapy water. Additional actions are allowed only in case of problems with urination and only after consulting a doctor.

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