Green stool in a baby

Very often, young parents are concerned about the green color of feces in the baby. Caring mothers begin to worry about this, run to the clinic, take tests. But is it really so scary that the color of the baby’s stool can be greenish, yellow-green, green? After the birth, the first stool in a newborn is dark, black-green in color because the intestines of the crumbs are filled with meconium. Usually on the third day, the color of the feces turns green. And this is considered the norm up to 8 days.

Many mothers become anxious when after a while the babies see the greenish color of the stool. Here you need to pay attention to what kind of feeding the baby is.

Breastfeeding as a result of green stool in infants

If the mother is breastfeeding, then the reasons for the green color of the stool can be:

– nutrition of the mother herself; many products are green or rich in iron, which will give green color to feces of infants;

– if a nursing mother takes medicines, for example, antibiotics, or preparations that contain iron, then the baby’s feces will also be greenish;

– the intestinal microflora is formed in the child’s initial months of life, and this may affect the color of the stool and its consistency;

– An allergic reaction to some foods that mom ate.

But this is not all the reasons why the stool may be green in infants who are exclusively breastfed. It is necessary to pay attention to how the child behaves, to his activity, mood. If he is cheerful, cheerful, he has a good appetite, then the green color of feces should not bother you.

Artificial feeding is the cause of greenish stool in infants?

If you feed babies with mixtures, then the stool is different from the stool of breast-fed babies. It is thicker, mostly yellow. But in this case, do not be scared if the stool is green. The cause may be iron, which is part of some mixtures. But, if this bothers you very much, change the mixture, and if the color of the feces is normal, then there is no reason for concern. Pay attention to the overall health of the baby!

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